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7 Potholes That Can Hurt Your Kentucky Accident Case

This book will explain how to avoid them and arm accident victims with the information necessary to place them on a level playing field against the insurance industry.

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What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You

This book provides information everyone in Kentucky should know on how to buy car insurance that will protect their family should there be a tragic car accident.

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Wrongful Death in Kentucky

This book explains Kentucky law covering wrongful death, which can be surprising, and is a big resource to the family for everything from planning a funeral to setting up an estate.

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The Family Survival Guide to a New Driver

In this book, Mike Schafer, along with his daughters Rachael and Savannah, team up to give perspectives of learning to drive from both the parent and the teen point of views

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The books are easy to read, sympathetic, and will familiarize the reader with the common issues and problems. More Reviews…

Why read these?

  • Don’t get hurt twice
  • Know how insurance companies work
  • Get familiar with Kentucky law
  • Help your teen learn how to drive

Get the information you need

  • The other day I was talking to my daughter Savannah , and we were talking about her learning how do drive. We were talking about her reactions while she was writing The...
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  • What To Keep In Your Car? What To Keep In Your Car?
    When you first get your car you may wonder what are the necessities to keep in it? Well here my daughter, Rachael, gave some helpful hints in her part of The Family...
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Get Your Questions Answered

How do my medical bills get paid?

In Kentucky your medical bills are paid by your own car insurance policy. These are insurance benefits you purchase called basic reparation benefits, no fault benefits or PIP benefits. The standard amount of PIP benefits available in Kentucky insurance policies is $10,000.00. You may purchase added reparations benefits. Basic reparations benefits will pay you up to a maximum of $10,000.00 for medical expenses and work loss (among other things).

Can I get paid for time off work?

Your lost wages are paid from the time your doctor takes you off work and you actually do not work. This is under your basic reparation benefits or PIP benefits. The lost wage payment is based on 80% of your gross weekly wages. The most you can get under the basis PIP policy for lost wages is a maximum of $200.00 per week.

What is a wrongful death case?

Kentucky’s wrongful death statute authorizes a recovery when the negligence or wrongful act of a person causes the death of another. This is referred to as a wrongful death. A wrongful death claim is the legal action brought by the personal representative of the estate of the deceased or the victim of the negligent action against the person or entity that caused the death. A physician, hospital, nurse, chiropractor or any other healthcare provider whose negligence causes a death could be held liable for the death.

How do I hire an attorney and hire the right attorney?

There are many types of attorneys and law offices. How do you choose an attorney for your accident case if you’ve been injured? You can look at the Yellow Pages and the phone book or you can watch TV or you can search the Internet. Not all lawyers are the same. Every lawyer is different and handles cases in their own way within the bounds of the law.


Kentucky Attorney Mike Schafer Provides Important Information To Help Inform Kentucky State Accident Victims

Do Kentucky accident victims make mistakes before hiring a personal-injury lawyer? In his years as a Kentucky accident attorney, Mike Schafer has seen accident injury victims make numerous mistakes before hiring a lawyer. These mistakes can harm their case and substantially lower the settlement value. Mike Schafer has written several books on Kentucky accident law which inform on the legal process and discuss the most common mistakes that accident victims make and how to avoid those mistakes. These books also give you the facts and the information needed to deal with the insurance company in any personal injury case. There is also information on the insurance process and how insurance company tactics are used to manipulate the accident victim. These books are easy to read and take the mystery out of the legal and insurance process without using legal or insurance jargon. These books are definitely the first step in understanding the injury/accident maze.

Complimentary Accident Guide

There is never a good time to be involved in a car accident. Being prepared before you are involved in one is the key to being treated fairly and getting the compensation you deserve. The Schaeffer Law Offices Glove Box Accident Guide will make sure you are prepared if you are in a car accident in Kentucky.

You will find the 7 things you must do after an accident, as well as, 7 potholes you can fall into that can wreck your Kentucky accident case.

You will find the 7 Steps you must do after an accident, and also the 7 Potholes you can fall into and wreck your Kentucky accident case. Read the below carefully. To request a copy of our guide, Download it Here or give us a call today.

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